A Winter in Wonderland with snow

Welcome to the Royal & Rebelpedia Seasonal Project for Winter 2014. This season we are going back to Wonderland and we will be wrapping up warm. Enjoy!:)Ivypan800

Each season I, (Ivypan800) will be making up a project for you all to join in with. In this project I invite you to wrap up your characters in warm clothes and get ready for a winter trip to Wonderland. Whether they are OC or real, your winter designs are welcome. Please post your designs in the gallery below along with your user name and your characters name. Have fun! Ivypan800

The Story

It was winter at Ever After High. All the students were huddled in the Charmatorim, waiting for Headmaster Grimm to make a speech. The Headmaster walked onto the stage and tapped the microphone. "Good afternoon students." He said. "It has come to my attention that two weeks ago, Raven Queen and her friends broke into Wonderland." A few students gasped. Raven sank in her chair and hoped headmaster Grimm did not spot her in the audience, he did. "Although this act should end in banishment, I instead will reward Miss. Queen and her friends, as while in Wonderland, she managed to cure the Evil Queen's poison. So as thanks, all students and their families will spend the Winter Holidays in Wonderland."

The Hall erupted with cheers and Raven's BFFA Madeline Hatter, who was sitting next to Raven, threw her arms around her and gave Raven a big hug and whispered "Thank you." "You may go and pack" Headmaster Grimm continued. "We leave tomorrow morning. Your families will be waiting by the Wonderland Wishing Well in Wonderland Grove at 8:30am tomorrow, so be sure that you don't get left behind."

For the next 18hrs all of Ever After High was buzzing with excitement. Briar was planning no less then twelve parties for when they got to Wonderland. Lizzie and Kitty were running around their rooms trying to cram for all of their stuff into their cases. For them, going to Wonderland meant going home and they did not want to forget anything. But one student was not so happy, Raven Queen. Yes Raven had saved Wonderland and made Maddie happy and she hadn't got banished, but Raven still felt sad. She was sad because everyone's parent's would be waiting for them by the well tomorrow, Raven was happy that she would see her father, but what about her mother? Raven was on her way to the Headmasters office to see if maybe, just maybe, her mother could come too.

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