Acean White
New Acean White Art
Daughter of The White Queen
Born September 12th
Age 15
Side Royal
Roommate Isabella Beauty

Acean White is a princess of Wonderland and the future White Queen. She is a strict Royal in the destiny conflict because she believes that royal heritage is more important then anything else. She looks down her nose at the Rebels and never talks directly to anyone not of royal birth. She is in her second year at Ever After High.


Acean is proud and stuck-up, she acts with grace and is extremely dignified as a princess yet over-estimates her importance. Acean believes she deserves constant attention, a trait that was instilled in her by her mother constantly telling her she should expect special treatment from all below her.


Acean has sparkling, light blue eyes and pale grey hair with light yellow streaks. She constantly strives to look like her mother in every way.


The name "Acean", pronounced Ace-An, is a combination of the word "Ace" and the name "Ann". An "Ace" is often the highest value card is a deck, "Ace" represents the best or highest quality. "Ann" is a common English name meaning grace.


Acean lives with her mother, father and younger sister in their chess board castle in Wonderland.


Acean is the daughter of The White Queen and The White King from the tale Through The Looking Glass, Acean is favoured by her parents and they have a close relationship. She also has a little sister named Lily White, the two are distant and do not get along.


Acean is overly selective when it comes to the people she spends her time with and so does not have many friends. She is constantly seen with the royalty at Ever After High, but would only consider Flair White and Duchess Swan her friends. She is civil to Lizzie Hearts, a follow Wonderland princess, but sees her as competition and could never be her friend.


Acean has a horse named Check. Check was a gift to Acean on her 13th birthday, he is a marble statue that was enchanted so he comes life whenever Acean touches him.


Acean is not dating but has had a crush on the White Knight since she was five.

Outfit: Basic

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  • Acean's outfits often include a spade symbol, which represents nobility.