Afradita Cupid
New Afridita Cupid Art
Adopted Daughter of Eros.
Born November 1st
Age 15
Side No side

Afradita Cupid is one of the adopted daughters of Eros and a devoted fashionista. She is an expert on "New Chapter" Fashions and writes a fashion column in the magazine "The Broken Mirror". She also has a Saturday job at Roanna's Boutique.


Afradita is sweet and helpful. She is extremely passionate about her work, sometime to the point of obsessive, but she would never work at the expense of her friends or family.


Afradita has long brown hair with golden streaks which she wears in a low pony-tail with a few loose locks framing her face. Her eyes are brown.


Afradita lives with her father many siblings in their Greek temple on Mount-Olympus.


Afradita Cupid is an adopted daughter of Eros, Greek God of Love. Like her sisters, she was left on the temple steps as a baby and never knew her biological parents. She has five siblings who are also adopted; Aqua, Jane-Ley, Shadel, Roga, and C.A., and four siblings that are Eros' biological children; Athana, Marka, Sophia and Crade.


Afradita is best friends with Katie Pillar and sees Roanna Swan as her fashion mentor. She also gets along well with her siblings and her follow journalists for the magazine "The Broken Mirror".


Afradita does not have a pet and has never wanted one.


She is not dating.

Colour Scheme

Her colour scheme has two colours: Blue and Gold.

Outfit: Basic

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