Amber Lady
New Amber Lady Art
Daughter of the Princess
Born August 12th
Age 15
Side Royal
Roommate India Princess

Amber Lady is the daughter of the Princess from The Princess And The Pea and a strong Royal. She loves her story and hopes she will still get her chance to re-live it.


Amber is one of the kindest girls at Ever After High. She believes that royalty is more then just birth-right and should be earned, so Amber spends her time volunteering for local charities and studying to ace her classes. She is always happy to lend a sympathetic ear and support her fellow students with their problems, she say "kindness is the mark of a true princess."


Amber has bright orange hair cut just above her shoulders and striking green eyes.


Amber lives with her father and mother in their castle by a river.


Amber Lady is the daughter of The Princess in the story The Princess and The Pea.


Amber says Apple White is her best friend, they have similar views on what it takes to be a true Royal and are both devoted to their destinies. She also gets on well with Rosabella Beauty and Ashlynn Ella, often doing charity work with them.


Amber does not have a pet.


Amber is not dating but is looking forward to meeting her prince who is being tutored from home, they write to each other sometimes.

Colour Scheme

Amber's outfits consists of two colours: bright blue & bright green, her accessories are black.

Outfit: Basic

Coming Soon.


  • Amber is one of the few princesses at Ever After High to wear a full-length skirt.