Amethyst Jasmin
New Amethyst Jasmin Art
Daughter of the Princess
Born October 8th
Age 15
Side Royal
Roommate Thea Wish

Amethyst Jasmin is the destined to be the Princess in the story Aladdin, she is a Royal.


Amethyst is elegant yet forgetful, she is a constant day-dreamer and a excellent dancer. People often think Amethyst is rude as she seems to ignore them when they try and talk to her, but really she just doesn't realize it is her they are speaking to while her mind is wondering. She doesn't do great in classes because of this but has never been bothered with acing her classes anyway, she would rather just dance.


Amethyst has long, dark brown hair and her eyes are golden.


Amethyst lives with her mother and grandfather in their palace in Arabia.


Amethyst is daughter of a Arabian Princess, her grandfather is a Sultan.


Amethyst is a bit of a loner but likes it that way, she is good friends with Nina Thumbell and Bunny and Timin Tick-Tock. Although Amethyst spends over an hour a day with Justine Dancer at the Red Shoe's Dance Club, they do not get along. More recently she has been spending time with Humphrey Dumpty.


Amethyst has a tiger named Japaya.


Amethyst excepts that she is destined to marry Jasper Baba, but is currently not interested in dating him.

Colour Scheme

Amethyst's outfit consists of two colours: bright orange & medium blue.

Outfit: Basic

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