Anna Sister
New Anna Sister Art
Daughter of the second Evil Step-librarian.
Born March 2nd
Age 15
Side Rebel
Roommate Amy Step

Anna Sister is the Daughter of the second Evil Step-Librarian and is a Rebel.


Anna is a sweet girl who loves singing. She is sensitive and thoughtful but can be a over-baring sometimes.


Anna has green eyes and dark brown hair that she styles in a half-up bun on the top of her head.


Anna lives with her mother, aunt Step and cousin Amy in their townhouse apartment with their bookshop downstairs. Anna, her mother, her aunt Step and her cousin Amy often visit her other aunt Cinderella and cousin Ashlynn in their Eco-friendly manor house in the forest.


Anna is the daughter of the second Evil Step-Sister from the fairy tale Cinderella. She has two aunts, the first Evil Step-Sister and Cinderella. Her cousins are, Ashlynn Ella and Amy Step, her roommate.


Anna is best friends with her cousin Amy Step. She also gets on well with Isabella Beauty and her cousin Ashlynn Ella.


Anna has a pussy cat.


Anna is not dating.