Aqua Cupid
New Aqua Cupid Art
Adopted Daughter of Eros
Born May 29th
Age 13
Side Royal
Roommate Jodie Little

Aqua Cupid is an adopted daughter of Eros, Greek god of love. She is a Royal.


Aqua is fair and kind hearted but has a temper at times. She is always willing to help out other but often gets angry when people take advantage of her. She also has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and gets mad when things aren't just the way she likes them. She can also be very immature when she doesn't get her way.


Aqua has short, curly aqua-green hair cut just above her shoulders in a bob and her eyes are deep blue-purple.


Aqua lives with her father many siblings in their Greek temple on Mount-Olympus.


Aqua is an adopted daughter of Eros, Greek god of love. She has five siblings who are also adopted; Afradita, Jane-Ley, Shadel, Roga, and C.A., and four siblings that are Eros' biological children; Athana, Marka, Sophia and Crade. Aqua is one of the youngest.


Aqua says Clara Lear is her best friend and sees Candly Witch as her role model. Aqua also get on well with her siblings as long as they don't mess-up her room or move her things.


Aqua does not have a pet.


Aqua is one of the many girls are Ever After High who has a crush on Daring Charming.