Athana Cupid
New Athana Cupid Art
Daughter of Eros
Born April 10th
Side No Side

Athana Cupid is of the daughters of Eros, Greek god of love. She is neutral in the Destiny Conflict and is also a photographer for "The Broken Mirror".


Athana is creative an free-thinking. She has a keen eye for photography and sees the world differently from other. Spending her time taking pictures is Athana's top passion and it has given her appreciation for simpler things in life. But this with her laid-back nature often leads to Athana being late to turn in class projects or turn up for class, which puts down her grades. She also tends to miss out on experiences because she lives her life through a camera lens.


Athana has blue eyes and shoulder-length light blue hair. Her skin is also quite pale.


Athana, pronounced 'Ath-ane-a', is a name that is similar to the Greek name Athena, goddess of wisdom.


Athana lives with her father many siblings in their Greek temple on Mount-Olympus.


Aqua is one of Eros' daughters. She has six siblings who are also adopted; Afradita, Aqua, Jane-Ley, Shadel, Roga, and C.A., and three siblings that are Eros' biological children like her; Marka, Sophia and Crade.


Athana does not have many friends and does not socialize much, but she is friends with Jamie Jill. Athana does talk to her siblings on a regular basis and get on well with the journalists at "The Broken Mirror".


Like most the Cupid siblings, Athana does not have a pet.


Athana is not dating.