Beau (Beaudan) Beauty
Beau (Beaudan) Beauty
Son of Belle and the Beast

Beau Beauty is the son of Belle and The Beast. Beau, a prince, is destined to be seduced by an evil fairy and when he refuses, it is then that he is turned into a beast. Beau is a Rebel as he does not want to be a beast as he rather thinks of himself as a Prince Charming in the making. His father, the beast is determined that Beaudan follows his destiny to be the next Beast.


Beau is shy but quite charming and polite. He is very gentlemanly and extremely chivalrous, extending his kindness to any damsel that he sees is in distress. Although shy, he is courteous to everyone, which other students misinterpret as him being friendly. Beau believes it is his courtesy towards others that is his best quality to be a Prince Charming. Beau would much rather be alone reading a book or taking walks with his sister, but overcomes his shy and introvert ways as his desire to be a Prince Charming is so strong.


Beau has short roughly cut brown hair and rich brown eyes. He wears everyday attire, not desiring to wear princely overstated clothing as he does not wish to draw attention to himself. He is tall and slender in build.


Beau does not appear to have any close friends but has many acquaintances as he is so likeable and polite.


Beau is short for Beaudan, which is a French name and stands for Handsome man, charming, good looking.


Beau does not have a pet.


Other than his mother and father, Beau has three sisters and two other brothers. His two older sisters are extremely selfish and wicked and treat their youngest sister, Beaute Beauty the future Belle, as a servant and taunt and mistreat her. His other two brothers and the youngest sister are pure of heart. His mother and father always call him Beaudan and never Beau.


Beau likes spending time with his favourite sister, Beaute and with his father the Beast. He likes to walk in the Enchanted Forest and chat with Beaute and he loves to ride horses with his father.

Other information

Beau spends as much time as possible with his father and studies him closely when his father his undertaking his duties at the Palace where they live. His father thinks this is Beau's keenness to complete his destiny, yet Beau's interest is solely to learn how to rule in his destined Palace as a Prince Charming.