Beaute Beauty
Beaute Beauty
Daughter of Belle and the Beast

Beaute Beauty is the youngest daughter of Belle from the story of Beauty and the Beast. She is destined to be the next Beauty. She doesn't dorm at Ever After High but chooses to return home in the evening to be with her family, at the Castle where they live.

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Beaute is very charming and kind. She is very studious and although rather shy at times, she is very willing to help others and is never rude, even towards people who are rude to her. She loves to read like her mother, and spends a lot of her free time in the castle library or at the Lifairy at Ever After High.


Beaute has short choppy brown hair and blue eyes. She is the only child in the family who has blue eyes like her mother and not brown. She loves pink and fashionable clothes and designs and creates most of her outfits.


Beau (Beaudan) Beauty is her brother. Her mothers is Belle and her father is the Beast from the story, Beauty and the Beast. She loves her family very much and spends as much time as possibly in their company.


Belle is enchanted with all creatures but she does have a special animal friend, although it cannot be classed as a pet exactly. Belle is very fond of a deer that lives in the woods near her home. It is an orphaned deer that Belle helped to rear when it's mother died and rather than take the deer home, she realized that it had a better chance of survival living in the woods.