Ben Badwolf
New Ben Badwolf Art
Son of the Big Badwolf
Born June 26th
Age 17
Side Rebel
Roommate Mark Hare

Ben Badwolf is the son of The Big Bad Wolf from the Fariytale "Little Red Riding Hood". He is one of the older students at Ever After High and is part of the BookBall Team and the Track and Shield Team. Ben is proud of his heritage but does not want to hurt his younger sister Cerise, so he is a Rebel. Ben's choice to not follow his destiny led to it being pasted down to his other sister Ramona Badwolf instead.


Ben is very athletic and caring, he is also very protective towards his youngest sister Cerise and sometimes of his other sister Ramona.


Ben has grey-blue eyes and short, spiked brown hair with white streaks.


Ben lived with his father in Wolf Wood until he was five and then he and his father moved into a cottage on the edge of Hood Hollow with his mother and little sisters Cerise and Ramona.


Ben is the son of Big Badwolf and Red Hood from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Ben also has two younger sister; Ramona, who is only 10 months younger then him, and Cerise, who is two years younger. Ben get along well with both his sister and they all share interests such as running and racing. Although their relationship has been strained at times due to their parents secret marriage, they still find time to be together as a group and hang out.


Ben is good friends with Dexter Charming and Mark Hare. Ben is also best friends with Cerise Hood his sister.


Ben has a black wolf named Moon.


Ben is not dating, but has a crush on his sister's friend Brooke Page.