Brooke Page
Brooke Page
Daughter of The Book Shadow.
Born February 13th
Age 17
Side No side
Roommate No roommate

Brooke Page.


To most people Brooke is secretive and stealthy, she sneaks through shadows unnoticed and does not interact. But to her best and only friend Cerise Hood she is completely different, she is kind, protective, caring and good at listening.


Brooke has long black hair with a diagonal spiky fringe that covers her right eye. Her eyes are dark purple.


Brooke lives mainly in Ever After High, but sometimes she leaves the school and travels from place to place with her father until he sends her back to Ever After High.


Brooke Page is the daughter of The Book Shadow, a rogue Narrator who tampered with the stories and was kicked out of The Narrators.


Most people keep away from Brooke and she keeps away from most people, preferring to sneak through the shadows alone because of what her dad did. This was until one day when she was "Shadow Surfing" she bumped into Cerise Hood, who is now Brooke's only friend other than her pet Stealth.


Brooke has a Shadow Pet named Stealth, Shadow Pets are a shadow that can shape-shift into any animal.


Because Brooke kept away from people, she never really met anyone that she could like, until one day when Cerise introduced Brooke to her brother Ben Badwolf, who Brooke now has a crush on.

Colour Scheme

Brooke wears two colours: black & grey.

Outfit: Basic