Cuspid Wolf

Cuspid Wolf, most people call him 'Fang', is the son of the Badwolf and Red Riding Hood. Cuspid enjoys spending time in the forest more than anywhere else.


Cuspid is very sporty and likes running the most, especially in the Enchanted Forest. He knows his destiny is meant to be mean but he would like not to follow that destiny, which is why he is a rebel. He gets on very well with his sister Cerise, but their relationship is secret as only a few people know that Badwolf is Cerise's father, like Raven.


Cuspid has shoulder length brown hair with white streaks like his father and wolf ears. He has yellow eyes but not all the time.


Red Riding Hood is his mother, Badwolf is his father and Cerise is his sister.


Cuspid likes to run 12 times before breakfast, lunch and one before he goes to bed.


Cuspid has many friends. The main ones are Cerise (whisper..his sister!), Raven because she is a rebel, Dexter Charming and Sparrow.


Cuspid has a pet snow wolf called Fang and it gets confusing when they are together and people call out 'Fang'!