Dark Apple is what you'd call the alter ego of Apple White. She is the daughter of the Evil White and hopes to destroy Snow White's castle, which makes her a Royal. 


Dark Apple is very mean. She always tries to steal things, push people, etc. She is known as the bully of Ever After High. Nobody really likes her and she is always alone.


Basic Outfit:

Dark Apple has hair like Raven's. She also wears a dark black dress with a purple skeleton on the front.

Getting Fairest:

Whenever Dark Apple is getting fairest, she puts her hair in a braid. She also wears a purple dress with a black belt.

Legacy Day:

On Legacy Day, Dark Apple puts curls her dark hair and wears her mom's black and purple dress, kind of like Raven's, but the colors are the opposite way.


Dark Apple is currently not dating anybody.


Dark Apple doesn't have any friends due to her bullying except for Apple, who is always nice to people.


Dark Apple's family includes Evil White and her Aunt is Snow White. Her cousin is Apple. Her fairytale is Evil White and the Seven Dwarfs.