Dreki the Dragon Rider
Dreki Hiccup's Daughter
Daughter of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. (The Dragon Trainer)
Birthday February 13th
Age 14
Home Berk


Dreki is very confident, loyal and she loves to ride Dragons. She does not go to Ever After High (as yet!) because, unlike in the Land of Ever After, she does not have to do all the things her parents did. This makes Dreki out of the conflict so she is neither Royal or Rebel.


Dreki has rich green eyes and light freckles. She has long straight brown hair with a fringe that partly covers her right eye.


"Dreki" is the Norse word for Dragon. As Dreki lives on Berk, (an island in the Archipilago inhabited by Vikings who speak Norse) Dragon's are a special part of life, so her parents named her dragon or "Dreki".


Dreki lives on the Isle of Berk. The Isle of Berk is a small island in the Barbaric Archipilago, it is cold most of the year and is inhabited by Viking and Dragons.


Dreki is the daughter of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. Dreki has a close relationship with her mother & father. Her grandmother is Valka (Hiccup's mother) and her grandfather is Stoick the Vast who she also has a close relationship with. The five often go dragon riding together, which Dreki enjoys.


Dreki is friends with few people that go to Ever After High. The few she knows and is close friends with are Raven Queen, Ivy Pan and Jamie Jill. Dreki is also friends with most of the people on Berk, including her mother, father, grandfather and grandmother.


Dreki has a dragon, but she considers him more of a friend then a pet. Dreki's dragon is called Blaze-Wing and the two often go flying together. The species of dragon Dreki owes is a Skrill.


Dreki is not bothered about having a boyfriend at the minute.

Outfit: Basic

Dreki wears a bright red top with short sleeves and her skirt is bright green. Dreki has a green jewel on sliver chain which she wears around her neck, a silver metal belt that is made to resemble dragon scales and elbow length metal gauntlets on each wrist that also resemble dragon scales. One of the gauntlets has a green jewel at the end. She has black leggings and shin high fur boots with white fur trim at the top. Dreki also has a brown leather satchel and a beige fur coat with white trim that she sometimes wears.