Ebony Queen
Ebony Queen
Raven Queen's Sister

Ebony Queen is the younger sister of Raven Queen and is called 'Ebby' for short by her father the Good King and Raven and it is another year until Ebony goes to Ever After High. Ebony encourages Raven to rebel by being a supportive sister of Raven's desire to choose her own destiny, but in truth she is only supportive for her own evil, selfish reasons. Ebony would like Raven to relinguish her destiny to become the next Evil Queen as she knows Raven doesn't want the role and Ebony would REALLY like to be the next Evil Queen.

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Ebony is a determined, focus and ruthless person, and is quite sporty!!. She is quite studious and in her spare time she reads her mother's spell books in secret, sometimes reading them behind other school books so no-one is aware. Nobody knows her desire to be the next Evil Queen and she keeps the books hidden in Queen Castle where she lives with her father, Raven and a few servants. Not even Ebony's mother knows that she reads the books.


Ebony has short black hair that has white streaks that she puts in herself as she believes it makes her appear older and more evil, although she tells others it's a fashion statement. She has rich blue eyes and prefers to wear clothes that enables her to take part in sporty activities with her father and others.


Raven loves Ebony very much and watches out for her and although Ebony's feelings of love for Raven are mutual, she knows she must overcome them in time in order to be truly evil. Ebony also loves her father very much but truly adores and idolizes her mother. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen appears not to notice Ebony when she and Raven go to the Queen's bedroom to speak to her in the magic mirror, which is where they can see the Evil Queen in mirror prison.


As well as reading evil spell books in her spare time, Ebony likes to go sailing with her father and he enjoys playing tennis with her even though she is very competitive. She manages to hide her anger if she loses and goes sulking off to cast evil spells on creatures or inanimate objects out of the sight of others. She also plays basketball with Ooglot the Ogre and enjoys skateboarding with Pip White, a friend of hers but mostly Ravens.


Ebony has three pets, a black cat called Itch, a raven called Corax, (ancient Greek for Crow) and a skunk called Stinky.