Emi Queen

Emi Queen
Emi Queen
Daughter of The Snow Queen
Born November 1st
Side Rebel
Roommate Crystal DunBroch


Emi Queen is a lovable girl. She is always smiling and laughing, and she has a tendency to be silly and very random. She is pretty good at all the classes she takes, except for Magicology, because she sets things on fire. Since she is the daughter of The Snow Queen, she has powers; not ice powers, though, but fire powers.


Emi has messy blonde-red hair with a little bun on top. She wears a lot of green apparel, and some baby blue here and there. She wears baby blue high heel boots, and also a green-blue-black-and-red dress.


Emi's full name is Emilia, but everyone calls her Emi.


Emi lives with her mother and her younger sister in a castle up in snowy mountains. It is very chilly, but Emily is used to it.


Emi is daughter of The Snow Queen from The Snow Queen. She is close to her mom, and spends a lot of time with her to control her fire powers. Emi also has a younger sister who is extremely close to her. They are often found playing in the mountains, or skiing on the mountains.Her dad, though, went missing when she was 4, and her sister was 2, and he hasn't been seen since.


Emi has many friends and is proud of it. Her Best Friend Forever After, though, is Ethelinda Horrendous Haddock, who she's known since Kindergarden. Emi is also friends with her roommate, Crystal DunBroch, who she has much in common with.


Emi has a pet fennec fox named Flashie Dash (Dashie for short). The two often play in the Enchanted Forest, and they always cuddle up in bed at night together.


Emi is currently dating Marco Jorgenson and she is glad that he's her boyfriend. She feels that they get along very easily and she's glad she's with him.