Heather Hatter
Heather Hatter
Wife of the Mad Hatter
Born December 18th (1976)
Age 15
Roommate Cheshire Cat

Heather Hatter or Heather James as she was, is the future wife to the Mad Hatter and mother to Madeline Hatter.


Heather is kind and funny but her sense of humour is more sarcastic and subtle then the Mad Hatter's. She is also practical and organized.


Heather has mint green and purple streaked hair, (a trait she passes on to her daughter.) But unlike Madeline's hair, Heather's is in much more pastel tones. Her eye are green-blue and she is shorter then most the other students.


Heather lived in a normal house in a village in Ever After. She would later move to Wonderland and live in the Mad Hatter's Tea Shoppe.


Heather is the Daughter of a Doctor and his wife who live in a small village on the edge of Hood Hollow.


Heather is a friendly girl but only considers those closest to her as her true friends. People like the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar and the Blue Haired Fairy. She also gets on well with The Mad Hatter's friends, Dormouse and March Hare.


Heather does not have a pet and says "I don't have time to look after a pet and study."


She is madly in love with her future husband The Mad Hatter.