Icel Frozen
Icel Frozen Card
Daughter of Elsa, the Snow Queen
Born December 13th
Age 14
Side Rebel
Roommate Violet Frozen

Icel Frozen


Icel is kind and care free. She likes her powers but does not like that she can't use them until later in her story. Icel also does not like that she will have to hurt her cousin, meaning she is a rebel, but she does likes her story and will probably only change bits of it.


Icel has blonde hair with blue and white sparkles and she has bright blue eyes.


Icel is taken from the word "ice", as ice is a important part of the "Snow" Queen Story. El most likely comes from Ella or Elli.


Icel lives in her mothers Ice Place on the north mountain, she lives there with her mother. Icel and her mother Elsa often visit her aunt, uncle and cousins in the Place of Arendelle.


Her mother is Elsa, the Snow Queen from the story Frozen/The Snow Queen. Her aunt and uncle are Anna & Kristoff and her cousins are Violet Frozen and Annie Frozen.


Icel is best friends with Emma Brave and also her cousin Violet Frozen.


Icel has a pet polar bear named Snowflake.


Icel is not dating.

Outfit: Basic