Imagen Wonderland
Imagen Wonderland Card
Daughter of Alice
Born July 4th
Age 14
Side Royal
Roommate Darling Charming

Imagen Wonderland


Imagen Wonderland is very adventurous and loves cooking. She likes her destiny and she is a Royal.


Imagen has light brown eyes and wavy blonde hair.


Imagen lives with her mother in a large house with a large garden. Her brother Alistair lives there too, but he spends most of his time in Wonderland with his best friend, Bunny Blanc.


Imagen is the daughter of Alice from the story Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Her brother is Alistair Wonderland. She is on good terms with her brother but does not get on with Alistairs best friend Bunny Blanc, as she is jealous of Bunny and Alistair's relationship and envious of the time the two spend together.


Imagen is friends with most Royals including Apple White who she gets along with very well. Her best friends are Georgie Gothel and most of her fellow Wonderlandian students. Such as, Madeline Hatter, Lizzie Hearts, Bunny and Timin Tick-Tock, Kitty Cheshire, Mark Hare and her brother Alistair Wonderland. The only Wonderland stundent she doesn't get on with is Bunny Blanc, as Imagen is jealous of Bunny Blanc's relationship with Alistair.


Imagen has a pet bandersnatch named Banda.


Imagen is currently not dating.

Outfit: Basic

Imagen wears a white, short sleeved blouse with black buttons and a black line on each side. Her skirt is black. Imagen wears a large pink bow in her hair. She also has white high heeled shoes with pink bows. Imagen has a white handbag with pink bows.