Kelly Swan is the daughter of the swan queen and is the sister of Duchess Swan.



Unlike Duchess who is a royal, Kelly is a rebel because she does not like her density. Also Kelly is much more kind and helpful, than Duchess. Kelly is still a little unpopular just like her sister, but may be a bit more popular than Duchess.


Kelly has Longish White and pink hair, and wears a green short shirt, and a white shirt. She has light green eyes.



She is the daughter of the swan queen, and is the nicer sister of Duchess.


Like Duchess, she does not have a lot of friends. Kelly's closest best friend is Cerise Hood. She also likes Briar Beauty, Frankie Stein, Cedar Wood, and Apple White. Those are really all the friends she has. Oh also she has made a new friend:Nancy Hill Wood


Nothing is known if she is dating anyone.


Parent Story:Swan Lake

Roommate:Daring Charming


Secret Hearts Desire:The swan queen, but I'm not doing that. So I will look for something else.

My "Magic" Touch: I can turn into a swan, and dance on water! How cool is that!

Storybook Romance Status:No body! Yay!

OH CURESE MOMENTS: When Duchess annoyes me! Oh my gosh!

Fave subject:Ballet

Least fave subject:Math so lame!

Bffas: Cerise Hood, Cedar Wood, Frankie Stein, Briar Beauty, and Apple White.