Lyana Swan
Lyana Swan Card
Daughter of the Swan Princess
Born May 21st
Age 17
Side Rebel
Roommate Jamie Jill
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Lyana Swan.


Lyana Swan is kind and thoughtful. She is one of the older students at Ever After High and she helps her sister, Roanna with her shop at the weekend.


Lyana has short black hair with white and lilac steaks. Her eyes are hazel brown.


Lyana Swan is the second from oldest daughter of Odette (The Swan Princess) from the tale Swan Lake. She has two younger sisters, Essy Swan and Duchess Swan and one older sister, Roanna Swan. Lyana is close with all her sisters but urges Duchess to be nicer.


Lyana is best friends with her roommate Jamie Jill, Ruby Snake-Eye, Emma Brave & all her sisters.


Lyana has a Mandarin duckling.


She is not dating.

Colour Scheme

Lyana's outfit consists of two colours: dark & light purple, she has black & silver accessories.

Outfit: Basic