Merina Mermaid
Merina Mermaid
Daughter of The Little Mermaid
Born March 2nd
Age 14
Side Rebel
Roommate Cassy Hook

Merina Mermaid is the daughter of the Little Mermaid, She does not like her destiny and is a Rebel. She is also part of The Group of Nine Mer.


Merina is kind and pure and wishes that all people could be like this. In The Group of Nine Mer, She represents "Hope".


Merina has dark red hair with a pink shell hair clip and she has bright green eyes.

The Group of Nine Mer

The Group of Nine Mer is a group of friends who work together to keep peace is the sea, to help others and to save the Land and Sea from pollution. The Group of Nine Mer also have a kind of magic which help's them on their quests. Each Member has a virtue that they follow and represents, their virtue is also connected to their powers.


Merina is a pun on the name Marina and the word Mer.


Merina lives in a sea palace with her grandfather.


Her mother is The little Mermaid from the story The Little Mermaid. Her grandfather is a Sea Lord and her grandmother is a Sea Lady, she also has five aunts and many cousins.


At Ever After High, Merina is best friends with Silkleen Maleficent. In the sea, she is friends with the other members in The Group of Nine: Lana, Viola, Xiena, Omarle, Niarni, Senarla, Zenora & Quemella. And her other Mer friends are Koveys and Sitarlay.


Merina is friends with a Dolphin named Waver.


Merina is not dating, but she has a crush on Koveys.