Pip White
Pip White
Brother to Apple White

Pip White, (Phillip) is the younger brother of Apple White. He is very supportive of Raven Queen and thinks everyone should decide their own destiny. He really dislikes eating apples but loves apple juice and can't wait to try cider. He is not at all interested in his looks and likes the natural look. Girls like him because he is funny and think he is very cute, but he is not interested in their attentions in that way, he just likes them as friends. Guys like him because of his sense of humour and he enjoys sports. He likes skateboarding, basketball, athletics and football (soccer) and has no time for computer games at all.

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He is very funny, extremely friendly and loyal and is sporty.


Pip has dark blonde hair, blue eyes and a roundish face, not sharp features, so it is a little apple shaped!


His mother is Snow White from the fairy tale Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and he has a sister called Apple White. Apple loves him very much but doesn't like his teasing and jokes. Pip likes to hide her studying books because he thinks she studies too much and should be having fun with him.


Pip is named Pip by his family as bit of fun. His real name is Phillip and he likes everyone to call him Pip. He thinks it is a joke.


Pip is friends with everyone really but spends a lot of time with Raven. He thinks she is pretty cool as she is independent in his eyes. Raven likes him as a friend too and thinks he is very funny.


Pip doesn't have a pet at the moment but he would like a tortoise.


Pip is too young for romance he says because he is fourteen.

Outfit: Basic

Pip wears t-shirts and jeans with a rope belt. Brown ankle boots.