Roanna Swan
Roanna Swan Card
Daughter of the Swan Princess
Born December 23rd
Age 18
Side No Side
Roommate No Roommate

Roanna Swan is a fashion designer and owns a shop in the village of Book End, her sister Lyana helps out there at weekends. Roanna no longer goes to Ever After High and is not in the Royal & Rebel conflict.


Roanna is proud and can be boastful and bossy, but she is also kind and caring towards her younger sisters.


Roanna has short black hair and brown eyes.


Roanna is the eldest daughter of Odette, The Swan Princess. She has three younger sisters, Lyana Swan, Duchess Swan and Essy Swan.


Roanna is friends with her younger sisters, Essy, Duchess and Lyana. She is also friends with some shop owners in the village of Book End, like Ashlynn Ella and Poppy O'Hair.