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Welcome to the Royal and Rebelpedia Fan Corner! This is a fan wiki for everyone who loves Ever After High. Royal and Rebelpedia is for the facts, but this wiki is for the fun! You can post photos of your dolls, stuff you've made, make OC pages, and more! Have fun!

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What does your doll's dorm room look like? Visit our dorm rooms gallery page and check out some other dorm rooms! We can't wait to see what you post.


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Fredericko007 Fredericko007 5 July

Twiette Starleigh: Winds of Distress (Story)

This is story about Twiette-Marie Starleigh, daughter of Jean Marie from a Swizz fairy-tale, The Three Sneezes. Twiette, Apple and Raven are making t…

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Bigrika Bigrika 2 June 2020

JanelleMeaps new Sock Puppet AlfalfaLittleRascalFan

Janelle is back as AlfalfaLittleRascalFan. This is definitely her and not, as she claims, a friend. She was using the same sock puppet name on DA and…

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