Salma Hood
Salma Hood
From the story Pretty Salma

Salma Hood is the daughter of Pretty Salma, the character from a West African story of the same name, Pretty Salma which is a Red Riding Hood tale taken from Ghana.

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Salma is a sweet, helpful, friendly and a very kind person, just like her mother, but she is very naïve and trusts people when she should really be more cautious. She loves to study and spends a lot of the day devoted to her books, but when she has finished studying for the day, she can often be found in a daydream thinking about what to do with the rest of her spare time!


Salma has deep dark eyes and long brown/black hair that she wears in a high ponytail.


Salma Hood has a mother, Salma, and a younger sister called Malsa, who is a lot more sensible but not as studious, so Salma supports her in her studies.


Salma enjoys spending time with Apple White as they study together a lot of the time and also Cedar Wood, who Salma thinks is very sweet, just like herself.


Pretty Salma Salma is sent to the market with a list of items to buy for her Granny and her grandmother tells her to not talk to strangers. As she travels, Salma sings a song that her grandmother taught her. At the market, she picks up all the items her Granny requested.

The basket on her head grows heavy and the day gets hotter, so Salma decides to take a short cut home through the "wild side" of town. She meets Mr Dog who offers to carry her basket home for her. Mr Dog tricks her into giving him her clothes so he can look like her, all in the name of helping to lighten her load. She teaches him the song about her grandmother. Eventually Mr Dog has a costume that he hopes will fool Salma’s Granny and as they arrive closer to her home, Salma begins to ask for her items back. Mr Dog threatens her and eventually he chases her off and runs to Salma’s home to eat her grandmother.

Salma runs to her grandfather and they plan to save grandmother from Mr Dog. While Granny is curious about Mr Dog’s features, she knows her granddaughter will be able to sing the song she taught her. Mr Dog tries but is not able to sing the song. When he tried to learn her song, he was only able to bark. Mr. Dog traps Granny in her own cooking pot. Grandpa and Salma arrive in time to save Granny and they are able to enjoy the basketful of things that Salma picked up at the market.