Sharda mirror is the daughter of the mirror.

She is a royal, but secretly wants to be a rebel. However, due to her autism, she decided to stay with the royals, as she knew some of them before ever after high, and they understood her. Another reason is that she likes having things set.

She is a year younger then Apple. Her birthday is June 22nd.

She is quite timid and very frightened of Raven. She did not like Mira Shards, and she was probably the first to suspect that Mira was the evil queen. However, she did not tell anyone due to unknown reasons. Probably again due to the autism, people probably wouldn’t have believed her.

She has a few things to say herself!

Favourite class

Muse-ic. Singing gives me a place were my autism doesn’t matter.

Least favourite class

Kingdom management. I’m not going to rule a kingdom, why am I taking it?

Oh curses moment

2 really.

Everyone seems to think I’m a princess, which is kinda weird...

And because I’m the mirror‘s daughter, I can’t lie...

Storybook romance status

I know this is rebellious... but I might have a crush on Humphrey Dumpty!


Currently royal, but watch this space!


I don’t really have any friends, but I get on well with Cedar Wood. But I swear Duchess Swan seems to want to take over my destiny...