Silkleen Maleficent
Silklen Maleficent Card
Daughter of Maleficent
Born May 30th
Age 16
Side Royal

Silkleen Maleficent is the daughter of Maleficent. She likes her story and is a Royal. Like Raven Queen, some people are scared of Silkleen because of the normal Sleeping Beauty story where Maleficent is a villain.


Silkleen is kind and compassionate, she love the moors were she lives and would risk her life to save it.


Silkleen has black hair and brown eyes. Her wings are brown and feathery, like her mothers.


Silkleen lives in the Moors with her mother, Aurora, Melanie and all the magical creatures.


Silkleen is the daughter and Maleficent from the story Maleficent. She calls Aurora her "Auntie Aurora" and say Melanie Aurora is her cousin but the two treat each other like sisters.


Her best friend is Melanie but she is also friends with Merina Mermaid, Katy Fairy and Raven Queen. She gets on with Marina because she is not all human and Raven because She understands what it is like when people are scared of you.


Silkleen has a pet Griffin named Roval.


Silkleen believes in true love and knows that she will find it one day.