Star Ebony
Star Ebony Card
Daughter of Odile, the black swan
Born April 9th
Side Royal
Roommate Faybelle Thorn
Secret Heart's Desire To have Duchess Swan's Prince.
My "Magic" Touch I can turn into a swan, but for some reason my swan form is white!!!
Storybook Romance Status The prince in MY story.
"Oh Curses" Moment I want turn into a swan, but i can't control when!
Favourite Subject Dance Class-ic, I love to dance and beat Duchess!
Least Favourite Subject Generill Villainy. I am not a villain, I am a missunderstood character.
BFFA's Essy Swan, Georgie Gothle & Candly Witch.
Quote "Time to change Duchess's story to mine!."


Star Ebony is cunning, observant and sly. She feels that her role in her story is not the antagonist, but the heroine. This belief means she is against Duchess. Star also feels that Duchess' ending is just as bad as hers. In her story she is meant to trick the prince into breaking his vow of love to Duchess. Star sees this not as treachery, but as a favour to Duchess, knowing that Duchess wants Daring Charming and not a prince that she will later lose.


Star has black hair which is tied in a large bun while the rest of her hair is wavy and goes down her back. Her eyes are golden yellow and she has a beauty spot on the left side of her face.


Star is the daughter of Odile, the black swan from the tale Swan Lake. Her grandfather is Rothbart and she has never met her father. She has a close relationship with her grandfather.


Star gets along with Duchess' little sister Essy Swan and sometimes Duchess (depending on the moods of the two). Her best friends are Georgie Gothle and Candly Witch.


Star has a pet quail called Rigish.


Star wants a Happily Ever After, yet the story she is in does not have one. However, the story does have a prince who Star wants as part of her Happily Ever After.

Outfit: Basic

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