Violet Frozen
Violet Frozen Card
Daughter of the Anna
Born July 29th
Age 14
Side Roybel
Roommate Icel Frozen


Violet Frozen is a kind, caring and slightly clumsy girl, who also loves caring for animals and hopes that after her story she will be able to open an animal care centre. She likes her destiny but, like her cousin, she doesn’t like certain bits, so she will only tweak her story then follow it. She is a Roybel.


Violet has orange/ginger hair, brown eyes and light freckles on her nose and cheeks.


A Violet is a purple flower.


Violet lives with her mother, father and little sister in the Place of Arendelle. Her aunt and cousin often visit.


Her parents are Anna and Kristoff from the story Frozen/The Snow Queen. She has a little sister called Annie. Her aunt is Elsa/The Snow Queen and her cousin is Icel Frozen.


Violet is best friends with Ashlynn Ella because they both share a fondness for animals and she is also best friends with her roommate Icel.


Violet has a pet duckling named Quackles.


Violet has a crush on the future villain in her and her cousin’s story, Prince Harry of The Southern Isles, who is the son of Prince Hans of The Southern Isles.